Recycled rubber-EPDM

Recycled rubber is an increasingly popular alternative for application in multiple spaces.

Its applications go beyond playgrounds or gymnasiums, as the old finishes were known.

The new techniques used in its processing nowadays, make rubber a product with many technical and decorative possibilities for multiple uses and applications.

Due to the characteristics of the raw material, recycled rubber and EPDM have the same characteristics as virgin raw materials.

Recycled rubber-EPDM
Recycled rubber-EPDM

Thanks to its presentation in reels or rolls, they are ideal to be applied on all types of floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, etc; in addition, it is very easy to transport and install, enjoying multiple advantages among which we highlight:

  • Does not expand or contract.
  • It is extremely resistant to use in any environment.
  • It has excellent sound attenuation properties.
  • A wide range of standard designs are available.
  • The finish or colour mix can be customised.
  • It can be installed as is or can be varnished.
  • It is a very innovative product with a great aesthetic impact.
  • Large format coils to avoid joints and quick installation.
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