WOODMASA, professionals with extensive experience

WOODMASA is a young company founded by professionals with extensive experience linked to wood and its environment, as well as natural resources, to provide service and meet the concerns of customers who are especially linked to the world of contract and retail.

We want to walk this path together with those companies committed to the same objective as us. We are passionate about being part of the solution and try to provide our customers with a wide range of products or solutions that help them to create highly sustainable spaces with a high degree of quality and innovation.

Our star raw material is WOOD

Natural wood offers us a series of intrinsic advantages such as its resistance, durability, and beauty, among others. Wood is an environmentally responsible choice, by using it we contribute to reducing our impact on the planet and the preservation of forests. We also work with local suppliers who share these same values.

WOODMASA's commitment to quality is reflected in all aspects of our business

From the selection of raw materials to the final quality control of the materials we manufacture, as our products are subject to the strictest quality standards and controls.

Woodmasa is in the process of obtaining the FSC and PEFC seals, which certify the correct management and use of wood from sustainably managed forests.

WOODMASA is the choice of professionals

Our products are used by architects, interior designers, designers and builders, as well as companies and professionals all over the world. Premium quality panels and furniture offer you a range of benefits including INNOVATION, DESIGN, QUALITY, UNIQUENESS...